Sylvan Beach (2019)


The day started out rainy and chilly as Eric, Hugh, Sue, Don, John and Cindy ventured out on Fish Creek today. By the end of the 11 mile paddle the sun was shining and the sky was blue. There was very little boat traffic save for the sheriff patrolling and a boat or two at the end near the lake. Couple ducks and geese were all we saw for wild life. Plenty of people were preparing their properties for winter, mowing, towing, blowing and sawing. We figured today had some kind of life lesson in it about taking the bad with the good as we went from rain to the prettiest day ever and the trees were lovely. Great day!

Hugh, John, Eric and Kim went to the Spaghetti Factory nearby for some really good Italian food.  Yep, we will go there again.


Report by Cindy MP

Images by Cindy MP, Eric and Hugh