Delta Lake (2019)


Paddler Amy reported:

This was a very beautiful day to paddle.  Started with temps in the high 50s, sunny and a bit of a breeze. Only 3 paddlers showed up: Amy, Cindy MP, and Don. We hit the water at 12 and paddled off to the right and went through most of the little coves around the end to the opposite shore. We saw only a few ducks, geese, one heron, lots of blue skies and sunshine. After a bit over 3 hours and a little over 8.5 miles the temps were more like mid 60s and we were all very glad we had made the drive. 


Paddler Cindy reported:

What a perfect paddling day. Blue skies, sunshine, a kaleidoscope of colors. Not too hot or cold, pleasant winds. The water was much higher this year in Delta than last year and we were able to paddle through areas we could not last year. Not much for wild life. Missed the eagles this year. A couple of ducks and geese were about all.


These two paddlers doubled as photographers, so we could all see what we missed.  Thank you ladies. Great job!