Horseshoe Island (2019)


Sunday, September 22, 2019, the last day of fall. What a gorgeous day to be on the water! Temperatures in the 80s, blue skies, and popcorn like clouds. We had 7 paddlers show up under the bridge to paddle around Horseshoe Island. They were Cindy M.P., Alice, Sue, Kim, Amy, Eric, and John. We had to time our entrance and exit again between all the boaters and jet skiers taking advantage of such a beautiful day on the water as well. One disconcerting issue prior to launching was the sign next to the boat ramp warning of herbicidal usage to cut down on the aquatic plants making the water not potable. Well, ok, I was not planning on drinking from the river anyway since I brought my own, but it is nice they warned us. It did make the water seem a little more dense with loose vegetation. We still noticed several ducks, geese, a couple of herons, and a few turtles on our round about the island. Hopefully, they were not affected by the herbicides. We also took a trip up the usual little creek after our snack break. Alice, Kim, John, and Cindy went a bit further than "The Princess Craft" and a couple others felt comfortable traversing. There were quite a few downed trees to creatively maneuver around. After we were done, we had paddled a bit over 7 miles. Only 4 of us decided to enjoy the delicious food at The Euclid.  


Just keep paddling my friends, see ya next week for another fun issue of "As the Paddles Turn." 


Report by Amy

Images by Eric, Alice, Amy and Kim