Mud Lock (2019)


How many heron kayaked with us? Dave thought about 15.  There were blues in tag teams of 3 and a gorgeous white one.  Several other birds flew in and out of the wildlife refuge.  Cormorants dived and one spent some time drying his wings.  The osprey were out of their nest nearby and just a couple were spotted.  Eagle nests were hidden in the trees, which are displaying some red now.  It was a beautiful day to paddle.  Not too hot or cold – low 70s, mild breeze, low grey and white clouds protected us from full sun.  A few fishermen were out.  Dave came early to catch a few, but the fish were picky today and did not go for his bait.  Several flopped out of the water by our kayaks along the holey clay walls of the refuge and on the murky Clyde River.  A huge tree had fallen across the full width of the Clyde.  Branches had been sawed to make a small path through, so we could get to our break stop at the Mays Point Bait Shop. Kayakers today for the 9.2 mile paddle were Dave L, Amy, Ginny and Kim.  We went to Chilis afterwards and took advantage of the drink special to go along with a good burger and some tasty southwest salads. 

Report by Kim

Images by Amy and Kim