Oswego River From Phoenix (2019)

Dave L, Deb, Gene, Tish, Amy, Sandy, John, Rick and Cindy met at the Village launch to paddle north in a 10 mph headwind.  Dave’s shoulder pain forced him to turn back.  Eight folks plowed on viewing wildlife, trees, sky and weekend motor boating traffic.  Rounding the first island Deb, Tish and Gene decided to turn back.  Remaining 5 plowed on another mile or so to Bear Spring nature area for lunch at a beach pull-out where a lively group of children, dogs and adults were enjoying the river.  Lunch was had on a nice wooden boardwalk as the only picnic table was full.  Thank you Amy for taking photos.  The return paddle was enjoyed for the tailwind for a total of 8.4 miles.  In Phoenix Rick, John, Cindy and Sandy checked out The Lock One Distillery as featured in Sunday’s newspaper as losing its unique orange liquor’s name Cuse Juice to SU’s trademark on the name Cuse.

Report by Cindy Phillips 

Images by Alice (aka) Amy