Lakeview Marsh From Montario Point (2019)

Twenty plus kayakers and paddleboarders gathered for our annual Lakeview paddle and picnic.  I know I will forget someone, so I am not naming names. Snacks filled the table at the beach and some overflowed (i.e. fell in the sand). Only one beach was visible, the other was under water.  Ontarios lake level today is 32 inches higher than its long term monthly average for August.  Amy, Cindy, John and Ray worked on wet exiting, getting back in the boat from the water and rolling.  Bob played in the Ontario waves. Several swam, including our youngest paddlers. One paddler took a short paddle into the marsh, and found that one cattail looks like all the others.  He eventually found his way out and met a member of the search party.  Thanks to Pat and Steve for driving to other launches to see if he missed the turn to Montario Point, and Ray who was going to venture into the marsh he is so familiar with, and Eric who was on shore manning one of the radios.  It was a good team effort. Glad all ended well.  It would have ended much sooner if the lost paddler got better directions from the woman he asked.

The unanimous vote was to eat at that wonderful Pulaski restaurant, Stefanos.  It was a 5-star meal for Dave L, John, Eric, Amy, Kim and Mike M, who is recovering nicely from his shoulder surgery.

Report by Kim

Images by Eric, Amy and Kim