Mays Point (2019)


There were more cormorants in the tree by the launch than there were kayakers today.  Seven sat on the branches as Amy, Kim, Eric and newbie Jennifer paddled by.  They were still there when Ray and his sister, Stephanie, launched.  It was a tad muggy, but much better on the water than off.  Turtles were hiding somewhere.  Just 2 boats motored by on the canal. The islands were circled. Greenery hid any nests in the trees. An eagle and a couple osprey were spotted. A white crane flew by, maybe one of the several white cranes that gathered across the road.  We stretched our legs under the bridge. Heron, various ducks and song birds kept us company.  Dark clouds lingered in the southern sky, but did not blow our way.  Those lazy cormorants were still sitting in the same tree when we came back.

Boats reloaded, three of us went to Prison City in Auburn for fine food, refreshments and a view of the prison and its city people from the corner window table. 

Factoid 1: The Montezuma Wildlife Refuge was created in 1938.

Factoid 2: Amys tracker says we only burnt 169 calories in almost 3 hours of paddling. It must be broken.

Report by Kim

Images by Eric, Amy and Kim