Mercer Park (2019)



Kim, Eric, Hugh, Amy, Bill, Ruth, Gene, Tish, Sandra, CindyMP, Ginny, John, Alice and Carly paddled west on the Seneca River from Mercer Park.  It was a beautiful July day and big fish were jumping high out of the water.  Amy felt one hit her paddle and one bumped the bottom of CindyMPs boat.  There were a few blue heron and gaggles of ducks and geese about as well.  There were plenty of boaters and jet skiers out enjoying the warm, blue sky July day.  Some of the paddlers went 6.05 miles around the island and a few others continued to marker 374 and ended up with a 9.65 mile paddle. Both groups stopped to refuel on lunch and to hydrate. 

Dinner was at Tassones Wine Garden.  The crusty Italian bread with garlic butter was a hit. Dave L. and Eric squared off to see who could get through most of the delicious looking large chicken parmesan.  There were a couple of good specials too including pork tenderloin with thanksgiving like fixings and a lovely summer chicken and pasta with summer vegetables dish.  We were all too full to partake of dessert this time around.