Deer Creek (2019) New

The sprinkles this morning did not keep twenty-one kayakers from making their way to the small Deer Creek Marsh Wildlife Management parking lot.  It was just a short walk with or without wheels to the launch.  Finding a handy kayak launcher there was a treat.  Sliding down the rollers is the best way to enter the water.  An eagle near the launch was being chased into the trees by a smaller brave bird. The creek was lovely with birds chirping in the marshes.  We were paddling against the current and knew the return would be much faster.  This is a new paddle and there were guesses as to what we would find at the end.  Google maps showed that it stop at a wide sandy beach, which would need to be traversed to get onto Lake Ontario.  Knowing water levels were still high, we wondered if the creek would flow right into the Great Lake.  What we did find was about a 12 foot wide water path.  If the wind and lake waves were calmer, you could go through.  It was far from calm. No one ventured through that rough water onto the white caps today.  We took out at the beach for a short time.  Along the edge where Pat and I stopped I saw a lighter, a condom and a coconut floating by.  There is a lot more unusual debris on the lake this year due to flooding.

The trip back was about a half hour shorter.  Riding up the launcher was a little tricky for some.  We got a bit backed up at the small launch, but all boats made it to their cars eventually.  This new trip is a keeper. 

To go along with the new trip we chose a new restaurant.  Eric passed an Italian place on his way. Maria found out the name on her phone and half the group were off to try it out.  It was Stefanos on Route 13 in Pulaski.  The food was really, really, really, good.  It is another keeper.  We need to find more paddling spots by this restaurant!!  As I took a picture of the sign I was told that the first one was opened by the family in Carthage.  It was successful and they opened 2 more, one in Mexico and one in Pulaski.

The paddlers today were:

Maria, John, Ginny, Hugh, Dave L, Bill E, Deb, Eric, Kim, Cindy incognito, Bill G and Ruth, Roger and Anne and their friend Ellen in an identical 16 pound boat, Pat and Steve and friends Bill and Sharon, Amy and her brother, Allen, who was a first time paddler.

  • Report by Kim
  • Images by Eric, Kim, Amy