Selkirk Shores State Park (2019)

The beach and campground at Selkirk Shores State Park were closed, but 23 kayakers were able to drive to the beach parking lot.   The small area where we typically launch onto Grindstone Creek was shored up with large cattails and their huge root balls.  Our best guess was that they were there to slow down the water overflowing from Lake Ontario into the parking lot.  The lake is now above the flood level of 2017. 

We were able to launch beside the cattails.  It was pleasant on the creek.  It was wider than last year, but not longer. We had to turn around at the same rocky area near the bridge. A few campers on shore near the bridge were enjoying the 3rd sunny day this year (just a slight exaggeration).  Rain returns tomorrow.  It is a lousy weather year so far. Several kayakers ventured out onto Ontario after paddling Grindstone.  Wave heights could be measured in inches, instead of the usual feet.  People walking on the cement pier looked like they were walking on water, because the water was right up to the top edge. 

Back at the launch, we were greeted by Mike M.  His shoulder is healing well, but it needs a couple more months of PT manipulations.  A big group of 15 invaded the Lakeside Restaurant. A few saved room for an ice cream treat afterwards. 

The 24 kayakers who showed up on this sunny 80 degree day were:

Steve S, John, Kim, Deb, Eric, Jim, Dave L, Fish, Amy, Bill E, Amir, Don, Hugh, Bob, Ray, Mike M, Steve and Pat R, Cindy and Rick, Roger and Anne, Ruth and Bill G.

Report by Kim

Images by Amy, Eric, Kim