Longbranch Park to Lions Park (2019)



Nine hopeful kayakers arrived to paddle.  We unloaded our boats, watched a black cloud roll over us, turned our boats over, then sat in our cars for 20 minutes or so while it downpoured. Prior to the deluge, the weather app I looked at said 14 percent chance of rain at 1 PM and a mere 10 percent until 3:30.  As the cloud appeared from the north, Amys app showed NO green on the radar screen at all, but the text said it was going to rain in 8 minutes.  Her app was a tad more accurate, letting us know we were the targeted 14 percent getting wet.

When the rain let up, we checked some more weather sites, noted dopplers colorful crap coming our way from Rochester and decided we did not want to get caught in a similar downpour while paddling.  We loaded our boats and headed for The Retreat.  We sat at a comfy table outside under a canopy, ate some good tasting food, drank our favorite beverages and enjoyed chatting.  As we left it started raining again.  It is sad that it is now June and the club has only been able to paddle twice. Maybe next week?!?!?

The hopeful nine: Hugh, Jim, Dave L., Bill E., Eric, Amy, Kim, Yingzhen and newbie Joe in a cool shark shirt. 

  • Kim