Lake Eaton Camping/Kayaking Weekend August 16-19, 2018 UPDATED

Campers in order of appearance:

Wed: Eric, Deb, Sue, Dan, Kathy, Kim.  Thurs: Cindy MP, Dave L, Jim and Mickey, Amy. Fri: John, Alice

Anxious to escape their cities and get a head start at the shady Lake Eaton, six campers arrived on Wednesday. They setup, relaxed in their favorite way, chowed down some supper, and then dodged the evening raindrops.  It was a nice sleeping night.

Five arrived on Thursday. The paddle was on peaceful Lake Eaton. Amy saw 5 loons, two more than the rest of us.  We ate tacos at Kim and Kathys then settled in front of a campfire at Jim and Mickeys. 

John and Alice arrived Friday.  Rain was in the forecast, so we cancelled the paddle.  Some headed out to visit the Blue Mountain Museum, adding a local brew stop for a tasting.  Others stayed in the campground to earn their grandkid badges.  Dan was quite strict with some of the kids, but clearly there was a teachers pet (Amy).  I guess they all passed and Deb shared an interesting fact she learned: that gray fox climb trees.  Sue logged over 30,000 steps. I don’t know how she found the time to study. Supper was at the campground, the Cellar, and Adirondack Hotel according to each persons preference.  The campfire was at Jim and Mickeys. The rain did not spoil our fun.

Breakfast on Saturday was at Jim and Mickeys.  Thank you for hosting.  The pancakes were perfect.  Eggs, bacon, sausage, hash, yogurt with granola, fruit, juice and pastries all tasted better in the fresh air.  So good. Ten kayakers traveled to Simon Pond for an enjoyable paddle.  We circumnavigated the pond, took a short break on a rock, and then paddled a ways on the Raquette River to the Wild Center.  We logged 10 miles. An eagle was spotted.

Supper on Saturday was at Amy and Alices expansive site.  We ate burgers, chicken, Caesar salad, cucumber salad, veggies, artichoke dip, salt potatoes and an apple glop for dessert.  Thank you for hosting ladies. We relaxed our full bellies at Amy and Alices fire and talked about poetry and kissing rods (Sorry, what is said at the campfire, stays at the campfire. You had to be there).  The party across the road for a 20 something girl included some get-drunk-fast games. Staggering drunks disrupted campers sleep that night.

It cooled down through the night and mist coved the lake and mountains Sunday morning.  After breakfast we headed for the hidden Axton Landing launch.  It was a serene scene.  An owl welcomed us with a screech and a large heron checked us out. We took a right on the Raquette River up to where we paddled on Saturday. We turned back then paddled past the launch for an extra mile or so, enjoying the Adirondack views.  It was a peaceful 7 miles.   After finding our way back on the dirt road, we cleaned up, chose our supper menu, and then settled in front of the fire at Kim and Kathys.  The air was cool.

Those who stayed an extra day woke to a 54 degree temperature and mist on the lake again.  The sun broke through, dried equipment and made packing up wet free. It was another super kayak trip at Lake Eaton.

  • Kim W.