Lights On The Lake Paddle



The pick day of the wintery 30-degree week was fortunately a … SUNDAY.  The day started off breezy and rainy.  That was not a good sign, but the weather person redeemed himself.  It was a balmy 53 degrees at launch time with no rain (lots of puddles though) and a slight 6 mph wind.   That was perfect Lights on the Lake weather. There was no ice in sight. The clouds even parted at times and we enjoyed a colorful sunset. 

Warm weather gear came in handy, and one kayaker commented that she was even a little too warm.  It is hard to know how many layers you will need.  Kayaks were lit up. The best flashing lights were in the cute earrings Amy wore to match her bulb necklace.  Those rope lights around her boat were impressive as well.  Dave wore a nicely trimmed beard.  Bob and Eric lit their red boats from the inside. I saw some camp lights/lanterns. We must have been a sight. Those cheap glow sticks came in handy for quick waterproof décor.

We paddled down to the beginning of the display in about an hour. The dog walkers and runners dispersed after sunset and soon a line of cars began coming through.  We were with the current on the way back, so it was easy viewing the static and moving illuminations. 

Fortunately the kayak launcher by the Wegmans Good Dog Park was still in the water.  Sliding up and down the rollers is the most fun way to enter and exit and stay dry.  Mike met us at the end with a flashlight and strong arms to help us load up in the dark.  Thanks, Mike.  It was really appreciated, especially because Cindy’s hullivator lost a bolt and she had to get her kayak up onto foam blocks.  That is a pain. At least she made it!!

All headed to The Retreat for after-paddle food.  Chicken and biscuits were a special tonight and 2 kayakers enjoyed that home-style meal. Full and happy we said our Merry Christmases, suspecting that the colder spell, beginning again tomorrow, could mean no more watersports for us in 2018.  The kayakers here today were Cindy MP, Amy, Kim, Bob, Dave, Eric and Mike M.   

Merry Christmas to all you other kayakers who were working, travelling, mall shopping, visiting craft fairs, or wrapped in a blanket in your special chair. Stay safe and healthy.  See you on the water in 2019.



Pictures were taken by Eric, Bob, Amy, Cindy and Me.