Eighth Lake Camping/Kayaking Weekend August 16 - 18, 2019


A short report on the clubs trip to 8th lake campground:

 The camp grounds are aging. The water was hot, but the showers were in tuff shape. I set camp Tues.  Wednesday investigated Moose River Plains. Paddled and fished Helldiver Pond and Icehouse Pond - two checks on the bucket list. No people, very tranquil. Thursday toured the Uncus Road. Paddled lower and upper ponds and west side of Raquette.  Friday I drove to Newcomb then found the new Boreas Ponds land. It is a new area.  You drive in 4 miles, then walk and pull your boat 4 more miles to the ponds. The water was pristine, not a person there. On the 4 mile walk back to the car I met 2 junior rangers. They said the state is putting in 2 more lots closer to the ponds. Maybe half mile walk, 20 min. The road was being improved too, but at the speed of slack water. May be done by the time I’m 75. Friday I investigated the new Essex lakes south of Newcomb. Found the iron bridge over the Hudson 3 miles down gravel road. Also found the put-in for Deer Pond 3 miles down another gravel road. Well worth the search.  The waters appear as they were when Native Americans fished the lakes. Saturday night Joe and Dena showed up and camped in a lean-to on an island in Seventh Lake.  What a nice surprise. I am sure some camping stuff is missing from my truck. The end.

Report and images by Dave L