Limekiln Lake Camping/Kayaking Weekend July 19-21, 2019 UPDATED



On Friday, Hugh, Bob and Cindy MP enjoyed a wonderful 8.8 paddle circumnavigating Blue Mountain Lake.  The wonderful views included the majestic mountain, some amazing camps (one complete with airplane) and multiples with giant water trampolines and floats.  We went past a very large barge-like vessel where the water was very low.  The boat was large to begin with for the lake and had a deep draft. We could not quite figure out what a boat that size was doing on the mountain lake nor how they would get it into the water.  There was also plenty of beautiful wild and the resident loons. We saw tiny hikers up high on a rock cliff from what might have been Castle Rock Trail looking down on us. The group enjoyed a pleasant happy hour at Daikers while waiting for their table.  Most enjoyed the fish dinner. It was a beautiful night that was wrapped up with a fire at Erics site.


After a big Saturday breakfast at Erics site, Bob, Hugh, Ray and Cindy MP launched from a very busy Golden Beach Campground on Raquette Lake paddling to the Marion River. Divers were on the river looking for invasive species.  There was one beaver dam to go over on the Marion.  Most made it in through the flowing current in a single try, others made it in two but we did not need to get out of our boats. There were many canoers, boaters, and jet skiers active on the lakes and river on such a hot July summers day.  The boys carried their boats over the half mile portage. After a short carry, CindyMP opted to user her wheels.  The group refueled and hydrated at the portage before continuing their paddle through Utowana, then Eagle and on through Blue Mountain lake completing a 15-mile paddle. It was hot and humid with temps in the mid to high 80s.  As we went around the islands we saw a bunch of people jumping off the rocks into the water.  The rollers rolled at the end of the paddle and the others swam to cool off at the end of the paddle.  Dave L. hosted Saturday night’s dinner and his site boasted beautiful views of Limekiln Lake. Nobody left hungry.

Above Report by Cindy MP

Below additions by Kim who paddled on different waterways.

While Cindy, Bob and Hugh were paddling Blue Mountain Lake on Friday, Eric, Kim, Dave L, Amy, Alice, and Kathy launched from route 28, down a root-filled path, onto the South inlet on Raquette Lake. We paddled to the waterfall where a few dove in. It was a warm weekend. The temp was 77 that eve, blankets not needed. The owls, monkey sounding owls and bullfrogs serenaded us to sleep.

Saturday while Bob, Hugh, Ray, and Cindy were shuttled and paddling their trip, Kim, Kathy, Deb, Alice and Amy paddled Blue Mountain Lake. We went island hopping and stopped at one DEC isle where Dave caught a quick nap and others swam and relaxed in the cool shade.  Supper hosted by Dave concluded with 2 special desserts by Jodie, choc cookie crumble by Amy, 2 colorful rainbows after the light rain and an almost Bob-B-Q as he dozed off by the fire pit.

Several of us paddled Limekiln on Sunday before heading home. It was about 82 degrees with a cool breeze. Closer to home relatives told us it felt like 100 degrees there with max humidity.

There was a peaceful mist on the lake Monday morning as temperatures dived into the 60s. One of those who left early on Monday beat the rain. The other 2 left in a bit wetter weather.

The weekend campers were Dave L, Deb, Kim, Kathy, Alice, Amy, Eric, Cindy MP, Bob, Hugh, Ray, Heather, Wes, Jason and Fenna Rose. Visitors were Tish and Gene.


Images by Eric, Amy, Cindy, Hugh, Bob and Kim