Onondaga Lake


We arrived at the kayak launch to see several boats participating in what looked like a race.  We were told that the race was canceled, but the attendees paddled anyways.  They were decked out in orange costumes. A table with oranges, pumpkins, cheese puffs, OJ and orange Gatorade was setup nearby.  When there was a break in the traffic on that nice new kayak launcher, we took our turn.  It was fun rolling down into the lake.  Now, that is the way to launch!!  Loud music blared from an activity across the lake. We paddled under bridges then followed the west shore to Nine Mile Creek.  There we paddled under more bridges beside noisy traffic up on the highway.  Low water level forced a turnaround. The trip back was faster with the help of the creek current. We saw swans, an osprey, ducks, seagulls and more seagulls. It was not a peaceful paddle, but it was great to be on the water on our first crisp autumn Sunday. 

After the easy exit up onto that delightful kayak launcher, we loaded our cars and travelled to The Retreat for some really good food.  We were happy to see Jodi, who met us there.  Mitch (a new mascot?) also displayed his muscles for the camera, in case Chad was watching.

Paddlers were Amy, Deb, Eric, Sue, John, Kim, Hugh, and Anne and Roger in their new lightweight boats – I mean really, really lightweight boats, a mere 16 pounds.  No more lugging cumbersome kayaks for these two.  

See you on the water.