Kring Point Camping/Kayaking Weekend July 20-22 2018



Well, it was another HOT camping trip.  Dave L tried to escape the heat early by arriving on Wednesday.  Eight others tried their escape plan on Thursday: Eric, Deb, Steve, Kim, Kathy, Alice, Amy, and Cindy MP.  A couple of kayakers ventured out on Goose Bay.  Cindy tried out her new sail. The sail won the battle.  Burger night was at Cindys site on the St Lawrence side, where there was a slight breeze. We did find our way to the ice cream store, and the walk back demolished all calories. Steve lit a fire on the rock at his site.  We did not sit very close to the fire. Yep, because it was still so humid. The loons in the bay let us know all was well though.

Hugh, Bob and John arrived on Friday.  John found one of the windiest sites in the park. What luck.  Alice and Amy learned a bit about the wildlife. Critters devoured doughnuts on their picnic table to save them from the calories.  Feeling that they really did not need critter help with their menu, they put up their screen tent around the table. A blackbird found its way inside by sneaking under the screen. We opened the 2 doors to encourage its exit, and it flew out under the screen the same way it got in.  Wood was put along the edge to discourage that route and it worked.  The only would-be critter food-stealer after that was a black squirrel, who stared them down at the screen door.  They gave him the evil eye and he turned around.  

Our Friday paddle was on Crooked Creek. Seven chose the Route 12 launch and 3 chose to get there via the St Lawrence. We twisted and turned on the winding creek, and saw muskrats and their huts, seagulls, cows, different kinds of unnamed vegetation and fish staring.  Did I mention that it was another hot day? It was a humid 80 degrees at 10:30 AM when we left camp. We took our break under a bridge.  It was a humid-er  87 degrees as we finished the paddle at 1:45 PM.  Some took a dip in the water when we returned. We showered in real nice new showers, which unfortunately had no temperature control. Hot water is not refreshing.  We went to Cavallarios in Alex Bay for our Friday night dinner.  It was a bit pricier than we are used to, but the food was very good.

The temperature was a little more comfortable on Saturday morning.  Our breakfast feast was hosted by Eric. We had pancakes, eggs, home fries, yogurt with blueberries and granola, juices, pastries, sausage and perfectly cooked bacon. Thanks Eric.  Yum. Our paddle was on Indian River (sometimes labeled Red River on the map). It is calm and peaceful. Not many people go there, maybe because of all the twists and turns to find the launch. An eagle flew overhead at the launch. An osprey and lots of vultures also soared above. The river is between Red Lake and Theresa flood gates.  We paddled to the flood gates by high cliffs. Wildlife was hidden in all the greenery, except a couple snakes.  The wind was in our face on the way so we were fairly comfortable. It was less pleasant on the way back as the temp rose and wind felt like someone turned on their furnace.  Some people swam or dipped their feet in the water when they returned. Sue had arrived and a couple of kayakers stayed by the campgrounds and paddled a bit on the St Lawrence and near Morgan Island.

Saturdays shared supper was at Debs.  Thanks, Deb. The chicken cooked by Cindy and Dave was delicious.  Caesar salad, beans and franks, artichoke dip and scoops, tomato and mozzarella, salt potatoes, veggie mix, and pastries were also on the menu. We finished with a birthday cake and song for young Amy.  Because the weather person predicted 100 percent chance of rain, some campers packed up their now dry tents and headed for home.

Seven of us woke up to a bit of a drizzle on Sunday. It felt good to be somewhat cool. We took note of the clouds above, so in lieu of kayaking after breakfast, some headed to Alex Bay for the Art show, five went to Bolt Castle.  It did not rain, but it got hot again. The castle has been updated considerably and we enjoyed the days tour.  Three headed for home and the final four went to TOTB Mexican in Alex Bay.  (TOTB is the abbreviation for Top Of The Bay.)  It hit the spot and the breeze on the upper deck was appreciated.  After a walk on the dock we headed back to camp and watched another glorious sunset.  Even the clouds could not hide it.  This place has the most fabulous sunsets I have ever seen.  The air was still.  We sat 5 feet from the campfire again. The temperature went down to about 75 Sunday eve. It was another coverless sleeping night.  

All were up early and ready to head home to air conditioning in the morn. We said our goodbyes to the porcupine on the road, giggles the pig, and Kermit the frog.  The seagulls, squirrels, chipmunks, blue jays and blackbirds were left to fight over our garbage left by the road, as they waited for the camp staff to pick it up.