Horseshoe Island


Bill E. is back!  The doctor said he no longer needed the boot for his injured ankle and foot, so he loaded his kayak and arrived first at the launch with a big smile.  He thought his whole summer was ruined, but he healed before ice on the waterways arrived.  It was a bit cooler today, for a change.  The temperature barely reached 60 degrees and there was a soothing cool breeze.  It felt warm on the water and paddling without that humidity was wonderful.  The leaves were just beginning to turn.  We saw an eagle and huge heron along the way. We stopped for a break at the gun club area.  The white cabinet still sits nearby in the water. We paddled the small steam under the bridge for a short distance until weeds took over.  Total distance was about 7 miles for those who went down the steam. 

We arrived back at the launch amid the fishermen who shared the parking lot.  We chatted with some of them before we launched and got various answers as to why so many were here today.  It was obvious when we came back and saw the weigh-in that there was some sort of competition.  It looked like they had a great fishing day.

We decided to go to Smokey Bones for a change.  Ruth met us there and we all had good BBQ.  There were no rib bones in the paper bag. Did someone eat them too? Paddlers were Bill E, Renee, Yingzhen, Bill G, Amy, Sue, Mike, John, Kim and Eric.