Little Sodus Bay


It was another nice Sunday weather-wise to paddle.  Fourteen showed up at the West Barrier Bar to launch on the Bay.  They were: Hugh, Bob, Dave L., Ginny, Yingzhen, Deb, Eric, Amy, John, Cindy MP, Bill E., Kim, Rick and Cindy P.  Dave drove to the far parking lot, so Eric became his improvised kayak trailer hitch for the drive back. The wind was forecast to be under 5 mph and it was very calm at the launch.  Vultures watched from the shore and overhead. Colonies of seagulls and gaggles of geese watched from the water and decks. A scrawny looking fox ran across the road. Swans floated by and we stayed at a distance even though the Ontario swans are less aggressive than those on our route from Onondaga Lake to Lions Park. 

The wind shifted as we paddled south.  A north wind picked up some cool air from Ontario and a bit more wind speed. We stopped at Little Sodus Inn for a quick stretch.  Pat gave us a heads up about the waves created by the dredging equipment in the channel.  I think those were the rolling waves as we returned to the launch.  We could see the awesome bluffs by Fairhaven as we neared the channel.  Bob and Hugh had an even better view, since they came early and paddled on Ontario Lake.   

Most of the kayakers had places to go, so we did not stop to eat afterwards.