Lakeview Marsh at Pierrepont


Lakeview Marsh was a good place to be on this humid 87 degree Sunday before Labor Day.  Amir, Eric, Deb, Dave L, Mike, Cindy MP, Hugh, Ruth and Bill G agreed. There was a nice breeze and cool water to swim in.  Snacks were lined up on a boat.  Freshly picked crispy apples were a treat and reminder that autumn was near.  Thanks, Cindy – they pared well with the cheese and crackers Ruth brought. Several heron hid in the reeds which were changing color.  Lily pads and weeds lined the marsh. Rain clouds blew by south of us.  In the distance it looked like some rain was falling on Syracuse. There were very few people at the beach and launch.  We enjoyed the quiet and hung around for quite a while, wading and listening to the waves.

Eight of us changed our dining routine from the typical Waterfront venue.  Ruth suggested 916 Riverside (formerly, Castaways) and it sounded good.  The place was busy.  Ruth and Bill were able to secure the last 2 umbrella tables by the water (We got the one with the misprint).  It had not been busy a bit earlier, so two waitresses were sent home.  Yep, service was slowwww.  At least we had nice weather and front row seats to watch the bigger boats cruise by while we waited for drinks and food.  Sheriffs were doing their job, reprimanding a boater about how fast he was travelling close to shore.  I wonder if he earned a ticket.

Note to ourselves: Bill G launched from Montario Point a few weeks ago. He said there was only 3 inches of water at the exit to the 2nd pond and a depth of approx. 12 inches to the 1st.  He had to maneuver from the channel to the creek in 3 inches of water.  Weeds were plentiful and he hit bottom a lot.  The lake level that day was 245.83 feet.   The better place to launch at depths less than 246 feet is Pierrepont.  Thanks for the info Bill.