Salmon River Inlet

What is a korker?  You cannot bring them into the bathrooms at Pine Grove even though you paid the 7 dollar fee.  Gee whiz.  What other strange things would we find out about this new place to paddle?  Well, we adventured around the inlet, and backed up when we could not get through an area.  The men looked like they were doing Ring Around the Rosie ahead of us. There were some quick turns, some current at low points and some low points where, if you were on the wrong side, it was easier to hop out and walk your boat.  That was fun.  We passed a marina and found our way onto calm Lake Ontario.  It was a glorious sight with cool water as far as the eye could see, dotted with sail boats and other water vehicles – some fast, some noisy, some peaceful.  We took a break on Mauras beach.  She is a friend of Cindy MP. She and her dog were very hospitable.  She has been spying on us on the web and hopes she can join us one day.  After break and a quick swim, some ventured to the right to check out beaches and log some extra miles in the nice breeze. 

Paddlers were Bob and Hugh, who put in 9 miles before the rest of us showed up, also, Dave (Fish), Kim, Cindy MP, Eric, Sue, Amy, John, Mike, Bill E., Renee, Rick and Cindy P.  Seven of us went to The Lakeside Restaurant, several hoping for a repeat of their chicken and biscuits.  What, huh, no chicken and biscuits.  The owner explained it was Fathers Day, so they had a special menu which did not include the unchangeable Sunday Special.  Oh wait, only the weekday specials were unchangeable even though weekends were included on the page.  Confusing, but it was ok.  Everyone found something they liked.  Sweet potato fries were a big hit.  Since it was still hot, in the upper 80s, some topped off our meal with ice cream.  It was a perfect ending.

About those korkers that are not allowed in the park restrooms - well, no more guessing.  They are fishing cleats that are worn with waders.  We were close when we thought it might have something to do with the high boots fishermen wear.  We were not so close when we said it had something to do with wine.