Salmon River Reservoir

It was a full parking lot.  Sixteen kayakers came out for a paddle in the delightfully low humidity: Bob and Hugh (launching from the bridge), Eric, Deb, Amy, Fish, Kim, Cindy MP, Mike M., John, Rick and Cindy P, Mike (christening a new boat) and Rebecca (in a small hat this year) and newbies Todd and Heidi from southern NY area (Ithaca and Rosco).  It was a bit windy, but manageable for all. There was a normal shoreline this year.  Remember the high water we had last year? Last year there was little beach, the water was up to the flag and the culvert was full of water.  The year before that (2016) there was very low water.  Check out the pictures. 

We followed the shore on the right this year and crossed near the high flying flag.  Kayakers were able to paddle though the culvert at the break area.  Some took out on the normal side, others on the culvert side.

After the paddle nine of us found our way to LDs in Pulaski with the help of Google.  The restaurant had moved across the street and renamed themselves LDs on the River.  Traditionally someone is missing their food order.  Amy bet a dollar fifty that it would be her, because she ordered a salad while most of us ordered burgers. All food orders came out fine, but 2 drink orders were missing.  One was for Amy, so maybe she won part of the bet after all.  Good ice cream was available around the corner, so guess what some of us ended our paddling day with? Ice cream goes well with kayaking friends.