Oswego River From Phoenix



We had 8 paddlers show up with 7 taking to the water. Hugh and Ray arrived long before the rest of us to get their 10 in prior to the 1 pm launch since Ray had other afternoon plans with the kiddos. Bill E. arrived with his foot in a special boot and directions from his “boss” and his doctor not to paddle. Heal fast, Bill!! Taking to the water at 1 for our 10 miles were: Hugh, Dave L, Alice, Amy, John, and Frank. It was a beautiful, bright sunny day in the 80’s with calm water all around and relatively low boat traffic. Sights along the route today included our friendly herons, lots of fish popping up unexpectedly, an inviting hammock, bridges, a little canal to traverse, “Uncle Joe’s Trading Post”, some very colorful plastic “Asian” ducks, that Hugh insisted only mate with ducks of other bright colors! The Green Mile, Yes we’re pretty sure it was a mile in and out of that no outlet green sea. We paddled for a time next to the Great Bear trail and stopped for our snack on a tiny beach near the trail with about 7 dogs and their owners enjoying the water. One little bulldog’s name was Alice!!! No relation to our Alice. We also saw an interesting recycle of old Gypsum Express trailers now used as docks. Very clever! Hugh and Amy also saw a tiny little mink on the shore munching on fish that was way bigger than him. Sorry I couldn’t get that picture quick enough. And we all know how good Hugh is at towing...he helped some boaters get back to the dock after another boater dropped them off near the dock. Way to go Hugh!  After the paddle, 4 of us (Hugh, Dave, John and Amy) ended up at Chili’s to enjoy the 2 for 1 Blue Moon. Service was great, food was delicious and the company superb. Thanks for another great paddle everyone.

Photos and videos courtesy of Amy and Frank.