Lakeview Marsh From Montario Point



Kayakers said that the temperature dropped 6 to 10 degrees as they drove from their homes to the Montario Point launch, and the 86ish degree temp felt much cooler than home.  The launch was packed.  I have never seen so many cars, trailers and boats of all sorts, quiet and loud.  Boaters could go directly onto Lake Ontario around the sand bar, so the noisy jet skis and boat traffic didn’t bother us in the marsh.  On the beach, a nice umbrella and tables for food were set up.  We snacked well as usual. There were even 3 layers of homemade brownies.  The power plant was barely visible in the distance because of the hazy humid air.  There were some nice rolling waves and the water was cold as you walked or swam a few feet from the shore.  It was definitely refreshing and not as busy as expected. Only one shiny red boat dumped its passenger. Ooops. Ray and family launched from Pierrepont and he said the lot was not as packed.  The happy kids arrived with refreshing water guns to cool willing recipients.

We felt the temperature rise as we headed back to the launch.  Twelve of us went to the Waterfront in Brewerton.  We ate inside instead of on the deck.  No one wanted to fry in the ultra humid 96 degree day outside.  The 90-100 degree heat wave is supposed to last all week.  Another visit to cold Lake Ontario may be in some outdoor peoples plans.

Kayakers were Eric, Amy, Fish, Bill E, Cindy MP, Kim, Renee, Maria (newbie), Margaret, Jim, Amir, Rick and Cindy, Ruth and Bill, Anne and Roger (remember those two?), Hugh and Jodi in tandem, Peggy (a kayaker who used to paddle with the club many years ago), Rolling Ray and Heather, Wes, Jason, and Fenna Rose.  Five came early and logged a few extra cool miles.