Owasco Lake Inlet




Fourteen kayakers couldn’t resist heading for the water on this beautiful day.  They were Deb, Sue, Eric, Kim, Amy, Cindy MP, Renee, Dave L, James, Mike, Pat and Steve and newbies Don and Chad.  The launch was quite mucky, but the water in the inlet seemed clearer than usual.  We did not have to maneuver through/around the usual number of downed trees. Branches had been moved to land and large trees were chain-sawed off.  It was appreciated.  The roots of those trees left by the eroded banks appeared to struggle to reach water.  Spiders made their extensive webs in branches draped over our heads. Two adult eagles were spotted above, and a juvenile eagle surprisingly launched from the side of the water. We suspect the two eagles above were the parents keeping their eye on their youngster. A lone fawn came to watch the stragglers in the back who were moseying. Deb spotted a snake skin. Damsel flies took turns riding on some of the kayaks. It looked like a kiddie kayak club chose to paddle the inlet as well today.  Six kayaks, each with a toddler and parent, passed by.  The small section of rapids added some fun to the trip. Snacks were devoured at the usual island break stop near the bridge.

People slid, but no one slipped at the exit. There was plenty of mud on bodies and boats.  Those who visited the Blue Boy were greeted with a pleasant smell for a change.  Honest. The flowers were fragrant today too, as well as the odor coming from a nearby pasture at one point. Phew! 

We loaded up gingerly as cars were waiting for our spots.  Eight of us went to Green Shutters for supper outside on the picnic table.  And - ice cream, of course! One kayaker just chose ice cream as her main course. We ended on a bit of a sad note as we surveyed damage to one kayak and car.  Apparently a tied strap loosened and got caught by the front tire. It snapped the strap, but not before badly cracking the fiberglass right across the entire width in the middle.  The car was thankfully left with minor scrapes.  It was not a good way to end the day.


Here is a correction. After a close look at the picture, it was determined that the large bird was a vulture, not a young eagle. They kind of look the same from behind.