Kayuta Lake




2018-05-20 Kayuta Lake, Forestport Reservoir and Woodhull Creek

We all met at the Kayuta Lake launch under cloudy skies.  Five energetic men had already paddled 9 miles: Ray, Hugh, Bob, Steve and Robert in a classy black and white boat from Sweden.  They were refueling and heading back into the Lake and onto Black Creek expecting to paddle 12 more miles. (They did it – 21.4 miles.) The anticipation of a strong headwind at the end of their paddle did not deter them.  Six others thought twice about the wind in their face both ways and decided to travel down the road and paddle the Forestport Reservoir.  This year we opted not to launch at the Black River Fishing access.  Instead, we launched on the other side of the bridge and avoided much of the wind.  The six were Kim, Eric, John, Deb, Bill E and newbie James in his handmade wooden kayak. Some took a direct route, while others moseyed along the edge of the small reservoir checking out some of the coves. We easily found the creek to the dam that separates the reservoir from Kayuta Lake.  A few geese paddled alongside, one watched from her nest. Buttercups were in bloom. We also saw green fiddleheads – not a common sight. Eric located Woodhull Creek (easy when you have a GPS).    It had a section of turbulence to paddle through, or around, to get to the Bridge.  The other side of the bridge was Adirondack-y with large rocks on the sides and a few biggies jutting out in the middle.  Rushing water poured from a set of waterfalls. Purple flowers grew out of the rocks.  We found 2 easy routes back to the launch.

Eric took a quick drive to Buffalo Head after Debs googling left us unsure if it was open or closed.  Sadly, it is closed and For Sale again.  Will we see the Sunday chicken and biscuits or mile high pies ever again? We detoured to Kratzys nearby and had some good food.  A bear watched overhead.  Deb was hoping that it was the one who gave her a scare camping last year. She noticed a resemblance.


P.S.   Robert is soon heading to his new home in South Carolina.  We all wish him and Aneta many happy adventurous years paddling on new waterways and camping with different critters.  Don’t forget to post pics and visit us. We will miss you.

- Kim