Mays Point

It seemed like we were viewing an eagle parade at the Mothers Day paddle.  They were everywhere in groups of 2-6 and by themselves on branches and in the nest.  Nine kayakers in 8 boats had a pleasant paddle from Mays Point.  They were Cindy MP, Eric, Deb, Amy, Kim, Tish and Gene, and tandem kayakers Yingzhen and Jueming (who is 76 years young).  We also saw and heard plenty of other animals including soaring osprey, noisy woodpeckers, unborn geese, and a tail-slapping beaver near the launch. The water temperature was 62 degrees - a major improvement from the 38 degree water temperature a few weeks ago.  There was a slight breeze at the start which quickly calmed. There was a cooler breeze at the end, which did not calm and we donned longer sleeves. Five of us went to our favorite Auburn restaurant, The Prison City Pub.   Some of us were put in the lineup, but none were identified as dangerous criminals.