Owasco Lake Inlet (2019)


Sunday, June 16, 2019 (Launch Time 1:00 PM)


We will paddle upstream on the inlet. The trip is approx 8 miles long and calm except for one spot near the end that we will warn you about ahead of time.   Please be sure that you are properly dressed for the paddle and have all appropriate equipment.

Note: We typically stop half way through the paddle for a break.  Feel free to bring something to snack on.  Also, be sure to note the weather conditions by clicking the "Local Weather Forecast" button, and check the website for last minute changes or cancellations.

Directions from Syracuse: Take Route 5 or Route 20 West from Syracuse. In Auburn, take Route 38 South. The route takes a couple of turns as you pass through Auburn, so watch for the Route 38 signs. Near the north end of the lake there is a traffic circle. Approximately 11.3 miles south of that traffic circle on Route 38 there is a small road sign that says "Cascade". Your turn is one tenth of a mile south of that sign on the left. The turn will take you to a restaurant and a marina. After the turn, you will go down a short hill. Keep to the right past the Restaurant (Note: Now reopened). You will follow a gravel road to launch point. Look for the sign on right of the entrance to this gravel road that says "Cayuga County Parks & Trails".

Directions from the West: Take Route 5 or Route 20 into Auburn and follow the directions above.

Please Note: Directions for each trip are provided to help people unfamiliar with the area to find the location of the trip. They are not meant to necessarily be the most direct route from your own location.

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