Camping Weekend Lake Durant August 11-13 2023. . . . . . . . Another new campground for us. It is a small campground with some nice sites on the water. …… . Interesting history. … …. … . Originally known as the "34 Flow", Lake Durant was created by the lumbering industry to impound water used in the rafting of logs to downstream sawmills on the Hudson River. After use for lumbering, the area was left with flood killed trees. During the 1933-1935 period, the flooded area was cleared by Civil Works Administration crews. A new dam was constructed by Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) crews. In August of 1936, the 327-acre lake was christened as "Lake Durant", and dedicated for "recreational purposes" to the general public. In 1939, the Conservation Department approved plans for the development of Lake Durant Campground. The campground opened in 1948. William West Durant was born in Brooklyn, New York, in 1850, and died in 1934. Durant's second wife, Annie Cotton, dedicated the plaque in 1936. Durant built three great camps in the Adirondacks; The Sagamore, Uncas, and Pine Knot. Each of these camps have been designated National Historic Landmarks … ……. See you on the water and by the campfire.

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