Posted launch time means that you should be prepared to actually launch at that time.  If you are not prepared to launch at that time, you may be left behind.  Therefore, you should plan accordingly and arrive at the launch site early.

Posted meeting time means we will be meeting at a given location at a particular time and then caravan to the actual launch site.  If you arrive late at the meeting site, you may be left behind. Therefore, you should plan accordingly and arrive at the meeting site early.

DateTripTrip Report
05/01/2022Fair Haven/ Sterling Creek (2022)
05/08/2022Happy Mother’s Day (2022)
05/15/2022Howland Island (2022) 11AM
05/22/2022Trip Canceled
Forestport Reservoir at Noon (2022)
05/29/2022Mays Point (2022)
06/05/2022Salmon River Inlet (2022)
06/12/2022Owasco Lake Inlet (2022)
06/17/2022Old Forge/Nicks Lake Camping Weekend (2022)
06/26/2022Lakeview Marsh from Montario Point (2022)
06/30/2022Rollins Pond Camping Weekend (2022)
07/03/2022Longbranch to Lions Park or around Onondaga Lake (2022)
07/10/2022Jacks Reef (2022)
07/15/2022Moffitt Beach Camping Weekend (2022)
07/24/2022Deer Creek (2022)
07/31/2022Port Bay South (2022)
08/07/2022Seneca Falls (2022)
08/12/2022Lake Eaton Camping Weekend (2022)
08/21/2022Salmon River Reservoir (2022)
08/28/2022Stony Creek (2022)
09/04/2022Mud Lock (2022)
09/09/2022Lewey Lake Camping Weekend (2022)
09/18/2022Mexico Point State Park (2022)
09/25/2022Otisco Lake (2022)
10/02/2022Delta Lake (2022)
10/09/2022Sylvan Beach (2022)
10/16/2022Horseshoe Island (2022)
10/23/2022Chimney Bluffs (2022)
10/30/2022Cazenovia Lake (2022)