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5 Things People Do Wrong When Buying a Kayak

Getting Started Kayaking

Before paddling with Group.

There are several different types of kayaks and equipment available. This is a discussion of the differences in these types and their general usage.

White Water Kayaks: are used by those looking for an adrenalin pumping adventure and are best described on their web sites. If you want this experience, contact your local white water group.

Paddles: Different types of kayaks require different types of paddles. Your paddle is how you transmit all your efforts to move the boat and you should buy the best you can afford. Like the boats, a straight handle paddle (versus the curved type for MORE money) is probably a better choice as a first paddle. You will determine more about your preferences as you gain experience. Materials can vary from wood, plastic, fiberglass to carbon fiber. Remember, this is the component that you have to lift and swing all day and weight does count.

Personal Flotation Device: Your life jacket, and it is exactly that. A good one doesn't interfere with your paddling stroke and is comfortable. Pockets are great thing to have and it will also allow you to attach the whistle you need as a required accessory. Like the paddle, buy the best you can afford. Your life is worth it. You will need a "Type III" PFD.

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