Q: Should I just show up for a paddle or let you know first?
A: You can just show up, but remember to bring your signed waiver form.

Q: Where can I get lessons?
A: There are some pointers on the new participant page and the internet, of course.  Also, you could try out some boats on Onondaga Lake at Kitt’s place. They could give you some pointers if you ask.

Q: When should I arrive for a paddle?
A: Give yourself time to unload and gather equipment – maybe a half hour prior to launch.

Q: How can I find out more about the paddles?
A: Take a look at Trip Reports from previous years on the schedule page.  It will give you an idea what the paddle will be like.

Q: Do you camp in tents or campers?
A: Yep, both.  If you check camping weekend trip report pictures, you will see a variety of styles from hammocks to campers.

Q: Do you bring lunch on your paddles?
A: We bring a snack for our break halfway.  We are also known to pick a restaurant first, then choose a waterway to paddle. Yes, we do go out to eat after the paddle.

Q: Do you wear your PFDs or can I store it in the boat?
A: We require that PFDs be worn please, for everyone’s safety.  Also, you will need a whistle which is required per someone in power to make water safety rules.

Q: If the weather is iffy, will you cancel?
A: If the weather is questionable for our safety, we will cancel a Sunday paddle by Saturday eve at the latest.