September 6, 2015
Long Branch Park to Lions Park

There was a bit of confusion about the best place to launch. Half went over the bridge to the West Shore Trail parking area to launch amidst the rocks. Another half took a hard right turn before the bridge to launch by the nice cushy docks (yes, ignoring the sign that said “No Public Kayak Launch Sorry” due to earlier construction). One launched from home and met us. The thirteen were Michelle, Steve S., Ruth, Bill G., Bob, Kim, Amir, Hugh, Tish, Bill E., Steve M., Rick and Cindy.

We paddled from Long Branch in Liverpool, up the outlet, around the west side of Klein Island, then moseyed on Seneca River to Lions Park in Baldwinsville. It was hot and humid, with temps in the 90s. The west side provided a little shade and it did feel cooler out of the blazing sun. We usually see a bit of wind, but there was only a rare breeze to cool us off. Since we were so close to toxic Onondaga Lake, no one was diving in. We did see a bit of wildlife. That was refreshing since the majority of undomesticated animals have been hiding on all our Adirondack adventures. There were several herons (large, medium and small), turtles, cormorants, hawk, seagulls, and the beautiful swans. It was delightful to see a swan family with a cute gray cygnet. The adults were swimming with one foot out of the water. I never noticed that behavior before, so I looked it up. It is normal and they do it to regulate their body temperatures. It make sense, because it was hot, hot, hot. Since the little one is out and about, the swans are less aggressive and thankfully no one ended up with one attacking their boat (right, Bill E.)

Lions Park has lots of shade. We enjoyed our break at a picnic table under the large trees before heading back. There was a fairly dilapidated and spooky boat along the way, which was somehow still afloat on the river. A few were wondering if a ghost would appear in the photo. Check it out. Maybe it is one of the children from the Irish legend of the Children of Lir. The legend says a stepmother transformed her children into swans for 900 years. Or, could it be the stepmother, who was transformed into an air demon for eternity when their father, the king, found out.

Total mileage was 10. We gathered at a table in a cool spot at The Retreat. A couple of spouses, Jodi and Gene, joined us for good food and several pitchers of water.

Report Images by Kim Wojnowicz & Images by Steve Stoddard

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