Sept 18-20, 2015
Lewey Lake

Spiderman was the first to arrive. He set up on Wednesday, and woke up bright and early to drop a fishing line in the Kunjamuk while watching a bald eagle overhead.

Ten campers arrived on Thursday: Walt, Bob, Eric, Kim, Deb, Christine, Walt, Di, Nancy, Jim and Mickey. Bob and Eric paddled Lewey Lake, others set up and chatted or relaxed. In the evening a few of us shared some traditional cold weather vittles: tomato soup with toasted ham and cheese. Well, it is usually COLD at Lewey with nighttime temps in the 30s. This year we were clothed in T-shirts with temps in the mid 70s. Soup and sandwiches were yummy in any case, along with some other good food.

On Friday, 6 more arrived to increase our numbers to 17. They were Hugh, Mark, Christina, Karin, Tish and Gene. Because the water level looked quite low on the scheduled Jessup River, we decided to drive to Cedar River Flow. We had heard Charles mention this area as being particularly beautiful. It was!!!! The drive down CR12 was a bit long (40-45 minutes), but we were pleased to see some of it paved. Of course, it was worth the drive to see that tranquil Adirondack scenery. A bald eagle flew very close to us on the water.

A lone paddler put some miles in on Indian Lake. Another tried her hand at renting a boat on Lewey Lake. The Old Town kayak wasn’t bad, but she said the paddle weighed a ton. Hugh and Jim also got a paddle in on Lewey Lake.

Friday evening, the Speculator Inn set up for 11 of us. Italian and chicken entrees were very good. The fish for some reason was not well cooked and a salmon entrée was returned for disposal. Ewww.

Kim had one of the roaring fires at her site before retiring. A couple of people did not want to see this perfect day end. They stayed by the fire until 1:30 AM listening to it crackle, with a lone owl hooting over the lake.

Saturday’s community breakfast was at Jim and Mickey’s. We chowed down lots of delicious food and scrumptious pancakes. Thanks Di and Jim for flipping those. I think the fresh camp air makes everything taste extra good.

Bob, Hugh and Mark enjoyed a rigorous 17 mile paddle on Indian Lake. The remainder of the yakers had an adventurous 10.5 mile paddle via Fall Stream by Old Piseco Rd. They paddled through Fall Lake, then circled back around at Vly Lake. The sound of gunshots was a bit disconcerting. Bear hunters?? We navigated 2 small, 2 medium and one huge beaver dam. The huge dam extended several yards into the woods on both sides with muddy drop-offs of 1 to 2 feet. I have never seen one so extensive. We had to exit our boats to continue, sinking into shoe-grabbing, sticky-stinky muck. One water shoe had to be retrieved by hand. The break area on Vly Lake was tricky as well. Kayakers had to find an area where rocks supported them to maneuver their way onto land, or they were stuck in the boat. On the way back one lucky lady was hauled over through the muck without having to exit her boat. That was the best!! There was evidence of wildlife on the trek, but few showed their faces. Jim did manage to get a glimpse of 4 deer on the way back to camp.

A few of the ladies back at camp spent their day listening to the SU game. They did get some exercise as the radio signal came and went as large clouds blew by. They leaned in and out to try to hear better and catch every word. Well, it could be a good core exercise! There was also a car trip north to Indian Lake village for the antique fest.

We gathered for our shared supper in and around the recreation center. We began with Deb’s famous artichoke dip, bean/sour cream/cheese dip and other low calorie (ha!) snacks. Spiderman and Jim cooked the scrumptious burgers and hotdogs. Inside, the table was filled with cashew chili, chicken rice, pulled pork, deviled eggs, salads, veggies, mud slides, chocolate chip cookies and carrot cupcakes, etc. It was a good thing we had the shelter, because it began to sprinkle a bit just as the meat neared doneness. It was a light sprinkle. The main weather event came later. We heard a noise as we sat by the campfire, determined that it must be heavy rain coming down the lake and ran for cover. It rained through the night with a couple of surges of lightening, but by morning the storm had moved on and the temperatures became more fall-like.

Several packed up on Sunday. Eight remained. We expected to paddle the Kunjamuk, but there were a few with vehicles which would not be able to make it through the pothole-filled logging road, especially after a rain. So, we changed the paddle. The longer paddle was the circumference of Lake Pleasant where eagles were spotted. The shorter paddle was on the tranquil Mason Lake where silence was the word of the day. The non-paddlers read, enjoyed camp, and traveled to Melody Lodge to check out their favorite NFL team scores. Some ate there after their paddle and one (Mark) put together his new tripod to cook sausage over the fire for those nearby who stayed at camp. The temperature took a dive into the 40s and we sat much closer to the campfire that night.

We awoke Monday to the more typical cold Lewey Lake temps in the low 40s. It warmed to the 50s by 10 AM as we packed up. The leaves had become more colorful throughout the weekend. It was a pretty drive on Rt 30 as we headed home to be warmed by the 70s.

Report Images by Kim Wojnowicz & Images by Eric Zhaman, Hugh Papworth, Jim Hunter

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