August 30, 2015
Lakeview Marsh from Montario Point

A few stray raindrops did not deter the bunch of kayakers who came to enjoy the beach today. Three were newbies: Amir, Sheridan, and Margaret. Eighteen were former newbies: Jim, Mark, Christine, Steve, Ruth, Bill G., Eric, Gene, Tish, Ray, Heather, Wesley, Jason, Bill E., Bob, Kim, Karin and our returning cross-country traveler Walt. Typically we paddle Lakeview Marsh on the summer holidays. Paddlers commented that it was nice they could come on this trip, because it WASN’T on the holiday. It was a pleasant paddle through the marsh. We have seen the pond covered with weeds at this time of the year, but not today. In fact, it was odd to see only a small amount of weeds to negotiate. We did have to avoid a sand bar, which Jim helped direct the newbies and former newbies through. On the beach we snacked on a variety of goodies and watched a couple of kayakers roll. The littlest paddlers worked on a water project, but their pond never became large enough for the newbie initiation “baptism” one of the kayakers promised to perform.

The predicted 1 foot waves were considerably less than 1 foot, so we paddled back to the launch via Lake Ontario. A variety of wood structures stood on the beach. The nuclear power plant pumped out smoke on the distant shore.

Six of us went to the Waterfront Restaurant off the Brewerton exit. We enjoyed the food and there was live music on the porch for our entertainment, which we half-enjoyed. Okay, on a scale of 1 to 10 it was maybe a 2. The company was outstanding, so the monotone was bearable. We were just happy to be able to enjoy the pleasant weather with kayakers on a patio this last weekend of August.

Report Images by Kim Wojnowicz & Images by Eric Zhaman

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