August 2015
Lake Eaton Camping Trip

The week started off hot and humid. Campers may have thought they would find relief from the heat at Lake Eaton. Well, the temperature was lower, but the oppressive humidity was not left at home. Yuk! Sue and Dan were the first to arrive on Monday. They chose a nice shady spot and tried to stay cool. On Wednesday Eric, Deb, Kim, Mary and Charles joined the group. Curb appeal was improved at Deb’s site by the addition of rocks around the ugly fire ring. Nice touch! It was still toasty, but sitting around the campfire at night was pleasurable.

On Thursday, Kathy and Dave L. joined in the sweat-fest and setup their sleeping areas, including a new hammock. It was a challenge to get in and out of (and funny to watch), but Dave said it was a comfortable bed. It was surprising to venture to the other side of the campground and see people in sweatshirts because the wind was so strong on those north end sites. A couple of us did find a calm place to paddle. We went to the sheltered side of Long Lake which was wave free. We do occasionally find unusual things in the water and fish out empty recyclables. Today I reclaimed 3 baseballs and a nice aluminum bat. That’s a first. The empty condom pack was left alone. Yes, we paddled by a school. How’d you guess? On our short journey we also saw a huge snapping turtle, wasp nest, a heron and leaves already turned to the fall red-orange color of my boat. It seems like summer just started, and shouldn’t be changing into fall already. Cliff delivered some good burning wood to our sites and the evening ended with another nice campfire as the clouds rolled in.

The promised storm dumped some heavy rain during the night and brought relief. In fact, it became perfect camping weather, and it lasted the rest of the weekend. Seven campers arrived on Friday: Andrew, Hanna, Jim, Mickey, Mark, Hugh and Christina. Dave, Eric and Kathy paddled Rich Lake. Sue, Deb and Mary found a nice hiking trail. Dan and Charles kept the fire burning. Eight of us chose the Long Lake Hotel for our Friday evening dinner. Campfires by a much calmer lake were enjoyed. The flames of one fire were changed into colorful shades for our youngest super campers, Andrew and Hanna.

Saturday’s shared breakfast was at Eric’s. There was a table full of delicious pancakes, sausage, juices, banana bread, fruit, blueberry bread, cinnamon rolls, coffee cake and corn bread cooked over a campfire. With stomachs filled, the hikers hit the trail up Owl’s Head Mountain and the paddlers logged their miles on the Bog River Flow with the loons and turtles. The area is so much prettier than the pictures. After all that good exercise we shared dinner at Dave L’s. First we snacked on cheeses, the liverwurst, pepperoni sausage, Smartpop, veggies for dipping, peanut butter pretzels, and Deb’s raved-about avocado dip. The main course included cheeseburgers, hotdogs, sausage, chicken and rice, tuna salad, chicken noodles, chef salad and beans. We certainly eat well. A warm campfire and gorgeous sunset ended the perfect day.

On Sunday, the sun rose with some of the soothing pink color that we saw in the sunset. Some packed up, swam, paddled the now calm Lake Eaton, went to the Wild Center, and nine stayed just one more relaxing night. It was another wonderful camping weekend.

Report Images by Kim Wojnowicz

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