May 17, 2015
Kayuta Lake

What a gorgeous day for a paddle up north. It felt like mid-July. There were many, many friendly paddlers out on the lake, most in "Tupperware" (Roger’s favorite name for the littler vessels). The CNY kayakers were: Kim, Eric, Walt, Rick, Hugh and Dave. For half of them, it was their first paddle of the year with the club.

Kayuta Lake was calm and peaceful. Some party boats were sitting on the sand bar which Hugh was able to slide over on the near side. The water level was just right, so we were able to stop at our favorite sandy spot for a break. Also, near the rapids we could see the larger rocks above the water instead of hiding below the surface like they were last year. You could not get through the marsh area very easily. Hugh tried that route and had to get out of his boat 5 times to pull. The trees were still quite bare, so we did get a good view of the homes and log cabins hidden by leaves at the fall paddles.

The total distance was 12 miles and total dumps was 1 (at exit). Walt said it was quite refreshing.

The Buffalo Head is still closed, so we chose to eat at the Stampede (the former Joel’s) which Walt highly recommended (he has expert taste buds, so we listen to him). It is a good spot, because we can hop on the thruway at exit 33 after filling up. Only one had steak at the steakhouse (it was excellent!) and all entries and appetizers were tasty. Portions were huge!! Go there hungry.

Report Images by Kim Wojnowicz Images by Eric Zhaman

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