May 10, 2015
Howland Island and Owasco River

The weather was iffy and those who overlooked the early morning downpour gathered at Mosquito Point eager to paddle. Oh, and true to the Point’s name, every foul mosquito came to greet us. We perfumed ourselves with OFF, so not all those hungry insects got a taste of our blood. The kayakers: Christine, Bill E, Mark, Sue, Steve S., Kim, Roger and Anne.

The sprinkling from above stopped as we launched at 1 PM, and the warm sun kept us company most of the afternoon. We began with a short paddle down the Owasco River. It connects with the Seneca River just to the left of the launch. The Owasco River follows route 38 south and unfortunately appears to be a dumping ground for all sorts of plastics, lost toys, and garbage that is left, thrown or blown along the road. We had to dodge tires as well. It is sad when you have to warn the kayaker behind you to watch out for a tire. There were some areas that had a current, so we did get that water treadmill workout. Some enjoyed their mini- rapids with a surprise splashing.

Back at Seneca River we took the route under Haiti Island Bridge and paddled around Haiti Island to get to Howland Island and all the wonderful wildlife. We saw many song birds, watchful herons, 2 adult deer and two small deer, evidence of beaver, ducks, geese, and raptors above. There was a sweet smell of blooming flowers.

Roger noticed the dark sky blowing in from the west, so we wisely decided to head back. The thunder growls encouraged us to paddle faster and we were back at the launch before the storm.

We drove a few hundred yards over the bridge to Pirate’s Landing Restaurant. The cooks had the day off for Mother’s Day (nice!), and there was complimentary pizza for everyone (yum!). The paddle distance was anyone’s guess since no one had a GPS handy. In fact we weren’t quite sure where we were heading when we went under the Haiti Island Bridge. Some thought it would just be a dead end or follow Route 38 north. We could have used Anne’s cell phone which was stored in her back hatch, but we didn’t think of that until we turned around. Those who paddled the full trip were on the water for approx. 3 hours 10 minutes (8-10 miles). The air temperature was in the low 80’s and water temp was 62 degrees - pretty nice, considering the winter weather we were having just a couple weeks ago on our 40 degree paddle.

Report Images by Kim Wojnowicz

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