July 19, 2015
Black River

The Black River starts in the lower Adirondacks near Forestport (think: Buffalo Head Restaurant) and ends 120 miles or so later in Lake Ontario.

We met at the launch at the end of Liberty Street in Dexter. Bob and Ray had already paddled 7 miles from the Fish Island Park launch and they were getting ready to paddle on the other side of the dam from the Liberty Street launch. Yes! Bob is back!!! Hurray!! We checked out the water conditions from this Black River Bay launch, decided it was a bit rough for us and we chose to launch on the calmer stretch of river from Fish Island Park. There was a half hour to kill waiting for other kayakers to arrive, so a couple of us went to the nearby ice cream parlor. There is always room for ice cream. No one else showed up so Bill E., Rick, Cindy and Kim headed for the Park.

It was a pleasant paddle. A refreshing breeze kept us cool on this hot, humid day. The rocky cliffs provided shade as we paddled the gorge in the dark river. It was remarkable to paddle under the rock overhangs. We spotted a heron’s nest and what appeared to be a parent and small heron overhead nearby. As we reached our takeout point there were a few fun whirlpools and some fast moving water on each side. We passed a cluster of whitewater paddlers being towed back to the launch, a paddleboarder with his rather large dog, a few fishermen, just a couple of kayakers and a canoeist in a Hornbeck. At the end of the paddle came the fun part. They have a kayak launch pad. You line up your kayak, give it a little gas, and then roll up while holding the side rails. That is the way to take a kayak out of the water! So easy.

Bob reported back that he and Ray paddled an extra 8 miles on the Bay for a total of 15 and change. He used the word gnarly and said Ray rode one wave for 9.6 mph. Yes, that is COOKIN’!! They stopped just a mile short of Sackets Harbor.

We did not go out to eat after the paddle. We headed home to refuel.

Report & Images by Kim Wojnowicz

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