May’s Point

17 of the best looking kayakers this world has ever seen took to the water at May’s Point. Under sunny skies and temperatures of about 75 degrees, we left at exactly 1pm. The kayakers were: Eric, Kim, Roger, Ann, Mike (Canoeist), Michelle, Sue, Steve, Chuck, Dave L, Fish, Charles, Mary, Ruth, Bill G., Gene and Tish. Out about 5 minutes, we were greeted by two deer playing along the shore. Much chatter and laughter was going on as everyone seemed to be enjoying the day. Someone spotted a bald eagle and the missus sitting in their nest high above the water. We were unable to see if there were any little ones waiting for their lunch. After a brief amount of time watching to see if the eagle would fly – we took off for more paddling. No one got wet this trip as there were no trees to go under, beaver dams to go over or cars parked in the middle of the river. There was a little bit of maneuvering to do around a downed tree, but nothing we couldn’t handle. We continued our paddle, some took round about waterways, some inspected the lock, some found some shade for a little light snack. Along our travels we got to see eagles, deer, birds, and more birds. This writer needs to get a book to learn to tell what types of birds they were. After a paddle of just about 51 /2 miles, we all left the water, loaded up and tried to go to CC’s for a bite to eat. Being Memorial Day weekend, though, they were closed. We settled on Buffalo Wild Wings, where we made a toast to Bob (Cheers, Bob!!!) still laid up and not able to paddle. Wraps, flatbreads, onion rings, wings, fries, and many other delicious food was eaten. We said our goodbyes till next time and departed.

Report by Michelle Stoddard Images by Kim Wojnowicz & Eric Zhaman

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