Sylvan Beach NY

Paddle date 9/7/14 Sylvan Beach

Eighteen kayakers showed up at Sylvan Beach for this early September paddle. They were: Bob, Mark, Christine, Steve2, Ray, Bill E., Hugh, Steve S., Eric, Kim, Sue K., Tish & Gene, Ruth & Bill, Mary & Charles and newbie Sue S. Welcome Sue! A couple paddlers (Bob and Mark) came early for an extra 9 miles in the whitecaps on Oneida Lake. A couple more came for an early paddle (Christine and Steve2). Because of those numerous white caps, the club chose to head to the right from the launch, along the canal and into Fish Creek. The wind added a small chop to the water on the canal, but the creek was calm. Quite a few bigger boats filled the waterway and the boaters were the only “wildlife” anyone saw today. The sun was a treat and we saw many kids and adults swimming and sun bathing along the way even though the temperature barely reached 70 degrees. The water was very warm and I’m sure that 90 degree day last Friday helped. We stretched our legs at the customary small beach, where snacks were shared. Several tested their whistles after a comment about how wimpy most of them are. A couple better quality ones were quite loud. We re-launched before someone actually thought we needed help. The paddle was approx 7 miles.

The after-paddle dinner crew went to the Sea Shell Inn waterfront restaurant. Only 50% found the restaurant without having to turn around and retrace their route to find Lakeshore Rd. Signage was lacking, but the food was good. We headed for home trying to beat the setting sun, so we didn’t have to unload kayaks and gear in the dark. That setting sun (yep –in the west, the same direction we were driving) was right smack in our eyes all the way and a sad reminder that the days are getting shorter.

Report Images by Kim Wojnowicz Images by Eric Zhaman

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