Seneca Falls NY

Paddle date 6/8/14 ~ Seneca Falls

Fourteen kayakers found their way to Seneca Falls (by various roundabout routes) for this new paddle. They were Pam, Kim, Steve, Dave F, Tish, Eric, Christine, Mark, Hugh, Bill E. Ray, John, and new members Kathy and Bruce. The paddle started at the Community Center which had a few surprises. The building wasn’t open, so bathrooms had to be found. Ugh! Plus, the gate to the water was torn down and replaced with a new cement launch pad. We scooted around the orange fencing, which kept out the bigger boats, and then made our way on the canal past the town to the lock. Lock 2/3 is a double lock and was an adventure for several who had not paddled through a lock before. The huge doors creaked loudly, slammed shut, and as the water level lowered the zebra mussels gave us a nice shower. One kayaker arrived late and in order to catch up, dragged his boat around the locks.

The Cayuga -Seneca canal was relatively quiet for a nice summer day. The birds kept us company and the bonus came when we arrived near the Lock 1 fishing access. There were 4 bald eagles watching us from the trees. There was also an osprey nest on the electrical platform. The nest appeared to hold one or two screeching babies. One parent was circling the nest, while the other perched in the tree nearby with a fish in its talons. The little ones were yelling for their midday snack and soon the fish was served. Kayakers filled our bellies with some delicious homemade pecan squares. So good!! Thanks Christine.

On the way back we spotted a heron or two and again listened to the bird symphony as we paddled through what looked like snow on the water. A snail hitched-hiked on my boat. I dropped him off in an area with a better food supply and no one mentioning escargot for dinner. Going up through the locks was a little different. The bubbling water which was filling the lock also created some suds. It looked like we were in a bubble bath. John said it was much easier to go through the lock though, than dragging his boat on those hills.

Back at the launch site we loaded our boats and nine walked up the hill to Avicolli’s, where we had a very filling Italian meal with yummy garlic knots. We noticed the colorful weather radar map on a distant TV, but ignored it, thinking the wet weather would arrive “much later”. Well, “much later” was just as we finished our meals. We tried to run between the raindrops back to our cars, except for Christine. She was finding all the puddles. Total miles were 10.5. One kayaker said it was five star rating out of four.

Report Images by Kim Wojnowicz & Images by Eric Zhaman

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