Salmon River Reservoir  NY

2014-06-29 Salmon River Reservoir

Twenty kayakers came to beat the heat on the Salmon River. They were Rick, Bob, Pam, Kim, Steve, Michelle, Dave F, Eric, Christine, Mark, Hugh, Bill E., Bill G., Ruth, Ray, George (newbie), Dave L, Chuck, Mary and Charles. The air temperature was 90 plus degrees and the water temperature was 75 degrees on the surface with a cooler 70 degrees approximately 4 inches below the surface. Those were perfect temps for paddle splashing and bilge pump wars. Although the water level was quite high, the current and low water level prevented us from going much beyond the small bridge. It was a great place to rest, snack, and swim. We paddled back the short distance and passed a nice big snake. Some paddled faster, some watched him slither. Back at the launch site more people had crowded the stony beach. Hugh, Chuck and Bob ventured out into the reservoir for a few more miles and a bunch went onto eat some good food at Cedar Pine. We talked about the launch site crowd and Bill G suggested a new site which maybe wouldn’t have so many little children to watch out for (in and out of the water). A few of us checked it out after dinner and it looks great! There will be some new directions for next year’s paddle. Unfortunately you will still have to find that tiny Route 17 street sign in Williamstown, that a few of you missed. The good news is: if you go back the way you came, there is a new ice cream stand called Daddy-O’s. A couple of us taste tested for you and recommend it. Service was painfully slow because they are brand new, but that should be improved by next year. Or, if you are fortunate enough (akin to a pharaoh), maybe you could just be fed a delectable treat by one of the two practicing food slaves. Ha!

FYI - Directions to the new launch: From the current site, turn left over the bridge and continue on Route 17 South for 1.2 miles. Turn left onto Co Route 2 and drive for 3.9 miles. Turn left onto C.C.C. Rd and go to the end.

Report Images by Kim Wojnowicz & Images by Eric Zhaman, Bill Getz

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