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The 20 Campers:

Michelle, Hugh, Kim, Kathy, Rick & Cindy, Ray & Heather, Josh & Wesley, Christine, Steve S, Bob, Mark, Aneta &Rob, Krzysztof, Steve & Sarah, and Jim A (from the Albany kayak group). Additionally, canine companions Edgar, Lucy and Bauer joined in the fun along with kiss-y bird Cooper (blue-crowned conure).

The Paddles: Kayakers picked their favorite type paddles. I apologize if I missed anyone’s paddle.
Thursday - Bob, Hugh and Ray paddled 12.3 miles on Paradox Lake.
Friday - Bob, Hugh and Ray paddled 14.7 miles on Schroon Lake from Eagle Point.
Friday - Christine, Michelle, Kim, Kathy, Rick, Cindy, Steve S. and Jim A. paddled 4-11 miles on Paradox Lake.

Saturday – Group 1 Christine and new paddlers Sarah & Steve and Group 2 Robert, Aneta and Krzysztof paddled Paradox Lake.
Saturday - Bob, Hugh and Ray paddled 15 miles on Lake George from Rogers Rock.
Saturday - Kim, Kathy, Mark and Cindy paddled 4.5 miles on Putnam and North Ponds and 5.5 miles on Eagle Lake.

The Food:

Wednesday - Since it was sprinkling, Kathy and Kim checked out The Pub in Ticonderoga where we found good bar food, a great bartender, a motorcycle map with restaurant recommendations, list of town events including fireworks, coasters, and a chance to meet some very friendly local people. One was a Grand Marshal of their parade.

Thursday eve - We shared a campsite dinner of pork, sausage, shrimp, grilled asparagus, rice, salads, zucchini bread with homemade honey butter and blueberry pie.

Friday -We selected Black Bear Inn from the motorcycle map. Some entrees were good, some weren’t.

Saturday - Group breakfast was at Kim/Kathy’s site with scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, English muffins, fruit, scones, …, etc

Saturday – Group dinner feast was at Michelle/Hugh’s site and included sloppy joes, pulled pork, hot dogs, coneys, hamburgers, turkey goulash, grilled veggies, salads, corn, cookies, …, etc. Sunday - 8 of us gathered at Sticks and Stones for breakfast. It was delicious!!! I highly recommend this place.

Sunday eve - Kim and Kathy went back to Sticks and Stones for another fabulous meal. That restaurant is sooo good!

We were greeted by flying insects attacking the car and quickly found our repellants. There were also: -crickets in bathroom
-an eagle, light grey herons, 2 snakes and 2 loons on Paradox
-2 adults with 2 baby loons on Putnam Pond
-3 loons on Eagle Lake (1 on one side of the road and 2 on the other side)
-a lizard chasing a mole across the road
-osprey on Eagle Lake

The weather:
It rained on Wednesday for the first 2 campers. One was set up before the sprinkles; the other got caught in a downpour while driving and had to pull over. In between the weather cooperated nicely. It poured hard as campers packed up on Sunday morning. The first 2 campers were able to pack up after the rain stopped and things dried a bit.

Other stuff:
The route 8 signs “Rough road 10 miles” followed by “Rough road 8 miles” followed by “Rough road 14 miles” followed by … meant yes, it was a bumpy ride to the campground. Several searched for an alternate route home.

The sites were new to us and many were void of level spots and room to maneuver. One poor soul with a new popup endured a tricky 2 hour camper set up when everything on wheels regrettably became stuck between a stump and fireplace. All ended well and we know which sites to avoid. Anyone want the one with the tree smack dab in the middle next time?

Michelle found out how fast those small PFDs inflate when you roll out the side of your kayak. Poof! What a way to end a paddle!

The brewery tastings were fun. Some went back for growlers on their way home.

The littlest campers had fun at Fort Ticonderoga.

We gathered for evening Fires with s’mores at Steve’s and an evening fire at Michelle/Hugh’s with square marshmallow s’mores and sparklers.

This campground was deemed a great place for reunions and people who like to stay up half the night talking at the top of their voices. I guess the campground staff slept with earplugs.

All in all it was a wonderful time at Paradox. It was a new place for the club and all seemed to find something relaxing. The only disappointment may have been the lack of mischievous ghosts in this allegedly haunted neighborhood.

Report Images by Kim Wojnowicz plus one image Mark Schreiner

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