Owasco Inlet  NY

Paddle date 6/22/14 ~ Owasco Inlet

On probably what will turn out to be one of the nicest days of summer, 15 paddlers left the parking area to paddle the Owasco Lake Inlet. The paddlers were: Kim, Kathy, Steve, Mark, Hugh, Bill E., Dave F., Christine (and Edgar and Lucy), Sue, Michelle, Tish, Eric, Chuck and two newcomers, Mary and Scott. There was no current to speak of, a nice gentle breeze, temperature of 80, no humidity and sunshine galore. Although we saw a lot of animal tracks, the little furry things were well hidden from view today. We paddled up the inlet towards the bridge. There were a lot of downed trees, but as we all know "No downed tree, no beaver dam, no obstacle will keep the CNY kayakers from their mission". So under about 4 trees and through some low water areas we went with no troubles – even the newbies! By the time we got near the bridge, there were small rapids with a pretty big current. Some gave it their all and made it (Hugh, Kathy, Bill E., Tish, Christine, Steve). Some tried and gave in to the current (Michelle). So back to a stretch of muddy shore line we went to regale in some well deserved snacks. There were many people out enjoying themselves on the water today in canoes and kayaks, not just the CNY group. Once back to the parking area we got everyone loaded (boats, that is ;)). Cascade Bar and Grill reopened under new management/ name: Lakeside Grill. 10 of us went to grab a bite to eat. (Christine, Sue, Tish and Bill E. went home for their meals.) Although the menu was very limited, everyone seemed to enjoy their burgers, chicken sandwiches, pizza and fish sandwich. The side salads were fresh, the beer and water were cold and the french fries were excellent. After an offer of again a very limited dessert menu, the decision was made to go for ice cream at the Green Shutters. Another excellent choice! The six who partook of the ice cream chose a variety of flavors from vanilla and chocolate to red velvet and canoli. We bid our good byes and see you next weeks and went on our merry ways with full belly’s and full minds from the day’s activities.

Report Images by Kim Wojnowicz & Images by Eric Zhaman

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