Mud Lock  NY

Paddle date 7/20/14 ~ Mud Lock

Fourteen paddled: Christine, Steve 1, Steve2, Sandra, Bill E, Kathy, Hugh, Kim, Tish and Gene, Ruth and Bill G, Roger and Anne. One, Michelle, was recovering from an injury and couldn’t paddle, but joined us for refreshments. We paddled toward the Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge under the route 5&20 and thruway bridges, and then took a left on the Seneca-Cayuga canal passing a few fishermen and boaters. Paddlers observed some nature: 2 young osprey peaked out of a nest, bald eagles watched us from a nearby tree, muskrats swam close by and one gathered vegetation for something under water, birds sang, heron, ducks and a couple cats kept an eye on us, and one cute baby duck swam up to my boat and started a conversation. Mays Point bait shop was closed so there was no ice cream treat at the dam. Back at the launch, we packed up and caravanned to CCs in Auburn for some good food. Thirteen of us celebrated 2 birthdays (Gene’s and Bill E’s) with fried dough and raspberry dip.

Report Images by Kim Wojnowicz

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