Mottiff Beach NY

June 2014 Moffitt Beach Camping Trip

Who’s who (27 human mosquito targets): Pam, Dave L, Steve, Michelle, Christine plus Edgar and Lucy, Hugh, Tish and Gene, Eric, Kim, Kathy, Nancy, Jim and Mickey, Rick and Cindy, Bob, Dave F., Aneta and Robert, Mark, Bill E., Edie, Ray and Heather and Josh and Wesley.

Weather: In order of appearance there was rain, drizzle, rain, thunder, cloudy, sun, clear night sky with full moon, sun. Most were able to get their gear set up quickly during slight drizzles.

Campgrounds: The campground was full of puddles, mud and construction noise. The new bathrooms in our area were not ready, and the ones that were completed had no water due to some sort of water main issue. We were blessed with blue boys. The four clowns checking in campers had their share of brain farts, directing people onto wrong sites (some occupied, some not) and sharing an inability to reserve for more than a night for one trailer.

Kayaking: The thunderstorms predicted for Friday scared off all but three (Bob, Dave F., Hugh) who circumnavigated Sacandaga Lake, returning before the storm hit. Saturday’s paddle started from two locations: Sacandaga Lake (for those who like white caps) and the Kunjamuk River. The groups met at the bridge on the river where some decided to paddle on further to Elm Lake. The full trip Sacandaga Lake to Lake Pleasant to Elm Lake was approx 15 mile. The river to Elm Lake was approx 10. Trip adventures included an unfortunate wet exit in the white caps on the lake, floating sunglasses that sank, several spins and tree touching in the strong currents on the river, dams under water so we could glide over, a paddle splash complete with retaliation, and standing in cold water hauling boats up to the road by bridge (thanks Eric) . Typically the majority of kayakers turn back after they have had their fill of climbing over those dams on the Kunjamuk. It was a treat to make it all the way to Elm. The ride back in the current took half the time.

For those who stayed to paddle on Sunday we checked out a new place, Lake Algonquin in Wells. It is a small lake with several inlets to investigate. The Sacandaga River flows into the lake and we fought the current for a while until a beaver dam plus current was just too much. A deer hopped across with ease however. The lake had 3 or four loons who posed for pictures, pineapple roots, and some cute little mergansers with mom. The beautiful white and black dad was not far away.

Camp Food: Breakfast at Eric’s was a treat, complete with pancakes, eggs, sausage, bacon, fruit, homemade muffins, fresh coffee, juice scones …, …, . Saturday’s dinner at Michelle’s was equally loaded with tasty dishes of pasta, salmon, pork, sausage, salads, beans, eggs, veggies, deserts, homemade wine (Jim’s red kayak – yumm!) and REAL lemon drops (soooo good!)

Non kayaking: We ate breakfast in town, shopped, visited the museum, traveled to Wells to check out alternate dining options (because the Inn was closed and we didn’t know when it would reopen), and held umbrellas by the campfire. Thursday we ate at Melody Lodge and Friday’s dinner was at the reopened Speculator Inn. Both were good. Those who stayed Sunday went back to the Inn for Father’s Day dining and topped it off with a Dad’s day ice cream cone. Sunday night was when the skies finally cleared and we watched that beautiful full moon beam over the horizon to light up the sky.

Report Images by Kim Wojnowicz & Images by Eric Zhaman

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