Lewey Lake NY

Lewey Lake NY - September 19-21, 2014

Twenty three campers arrived between Monday and Friday night to Lewey Lake. Campers were: Jim, Mickey, Di, Margie, Nancy, Christine (Edgar and Lucy), Michelle, Kim, Kathy, Eric, Robert, Annetta (Bauer), Tim, Karen, Walt, Dave L., Mark, Ray, Sue, Dan, Mary, Charles and Bob. Three different “base camps” were set up: one by the showers, one right down on the water by the entrance and one up the hill on the non shower side. Even though people were a wee bit scattered about, conversations abounded. Many people took to walking the roads with the abundance of good weather during the days. Nights turned VERY cold. (27 on Thursday night!!!). By the end of the weekend, temperatures had started to rebound.

Friday one group decided to go into town and hit the local antique show. (I hear Mary REALLY liked the moose heads!!) Another group took a leisurely paddle down the Jessup towards Indian Lake. They were: Kim, Kathy, Walt, Dave L. Michelle, Eric, Christine and Bob. True to form, we had to go over some beaver dams. Good thing we brought along the “Lubinator” to tear apart the beaver dams. A lovely little ride down the dam of about 3 feet had people screaming “Can we do it again?” On to a stopping point before the rapids where three made the portage to continue down to Indian Lake. (Bob, Eric and Kathy.) The trail was magnificent for the portage. NOT. Whomever wrote the trip report on this one was obviously trying to make up for the bad time they had by making everyone else miserable. But, it turned out to be a nice hike for the non-portagers and we bid our goodbyes and headed back to go up and over the beaver dam. Did you know they made life vests for dogs to be carried like luggage? Just ask Christine and the log she carried Edgar and Lucy up. Was cute to see. Not sure Edgar and Lucy felt the same way.

Friday night, several went to the Speculator Inn for dinner, other stayed back at their campsite for vittles. Fire was at Michelle’s site, where Eric was crowned the “Fire God”. Just one more log, no wait not there, it should go over there! With the temperature plummeting again, we didn’t mind throwing just one more log onto the fire. After 10, people went their separate ways to bed for another COLD night in the woods.

Saturday morning, a ceremony was held where we placed red and white carnations into Lewey Lake in honor and remembrance of Mike Rookey and Rick Buck, members of the club who we lost recently. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house as we wished them the best paddling among the heavens. Thanks to Mary and Charles for coordinating the ceremony.

After another great Saturday morning group breakfast, the group split up to do different paddles. The day was overcast and cool. Bob, Mark, Robert and Ray went to paddle on Indian lake. The wind and waves were a challenge, but they managed to make it to the north end of Indian Lake and back.

Walt, Dave, Kim, Eric, Kathy, Mary, Charles, Jim, and Christine went to paddle the Kunjamuk River. After negotiating several miles of rough dirt road they arrived at the sand pit launch site which is located a short distance south of Elm Lake on the Kunjamuk. The group paddled north through the lake and into the upper Kunjamuk. After paddling a short distance into the upper Kunjamuk, eight paddlers turned south to paddle downstream to the village of Speculator. Earlier they had shuttled their vehicles to Speculator. Dave remained in Elm Lake to do some fishing and was rewarded with three 17” northern pike which he returned to the lake. Walt continued north to explore more of the upper Kunjamuk. Eventually, all arrived back at their vehicles after some great paddling (and fishing).

Saturday night dinner was again hosted in the Rec Room. A great place with ample seating, counters for the food and lighting to see who you are talking to. Food was not a problem as two types of chili, cornbread, salads, chips, cheesy potatoes, hot dogs, sausages and desserts up the wazoo were had. If you walked away hungry, it was no one’s fault but your own. Tired paddlers from the Indian Lake went back to their tents and passed out. Other people went to Jim and Mickey’s for a fire. Eric the Fire God relinquished his duties to Mickey who kept the home fires burning. The celebration broke up about 10 and everyone went back to their campsites for another good night of sleep. With the much warmer weather, everyone was much more comfortable.

Sunday morning a group went to Common Grounds for breakfast. If you haven’t been there, next time you are in the area, I highly recommend it. You also need to stop by the big pig on the side of the road for a photo op. Kim – why are you picking the pig’s nose? Back to the campsites to pack for the people leaving and saying goodbyes. Kim, Eric, Christine and Jim paddled Lewey Lake until the wind picked up. Rain, wind and thunder moved in Sunday afternoon spoiling what was a great weekend. Another Lewey Lake trip in the books with great memories and what is turning out to be even greater friends.

Report by Michelle Stoddard Images by Kim Wojnowicz, Walter Stroud and Eric Zhaman

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