Kayuta Lake NY

Paddle date 10/5/14 Kayuta Lake

Twelve lucky paddlers were greeted by a Bald Eagle soaring overhead at the launch point to Kayuta Lake. The paddlers were: Robert, Anetta, Ray, Eric, Christine, Steve 1, Steve 2, Eric, Kim, Michelle, Mark, Bill E., and the thirteenth paddler – Kim’s boat, Kyle, which she insisted counted as a person.

Loaded and ready to go, we took off on a partly cloudy, high 50 degree day for our usual paddle. We were treated to another unusual sight for Kayuta Lake – a pair of loons. (And contrary to popular belief, no it was not Christine and Michelle.) After watching them dive and swim for a while, a group of nine took off for a waterfall that was previously undiscovered due to low water levels. Steve 1 even got to frolic in the waves. Robert, Anetta, and Ray took off for the creek where the group usually goes, as they wanted to get some extra miles in.

Everyone met back up by the second bridge for a rest/ snack. We watched geese, ducks and assorted other birds do their thing. After bellies were treated to snacks and legs were stretched, it was back in the boats to paddle back to the launch site. The only other traffic on the lake was all the people with pontoon boats going to the launch site to remove the boats for the winter. By the time we got back to the launch site, it was turning much cooler with overcast skies. Steve 2 decided to lay his kayak on its side by the dam and take a nap. We left him there for a little bit, pondering whether it would be the last paddle for the year or if the run of good weather was going to hold out a little longer and allow us just one more paddle.

We woke Steve 2 up and once the boats were reloaded and the paddlers changed into more proper attire, eight headed to the Buffalo Head for dinner. Chicken Parm, fish, Roast Pork (or something like it), Roast Beef and chicken were on the menu. All of us agreed the old chef needs to come back as the new chef doesn’t have his flair for the delicious.

We bid our goodbyes and headed our separate ways home. Several of us were treated to deer frolicking in the roadways. As long as they don’t frolic on my hood, they can do as they please.

That wraps up another paddle at Kayuta Lake.

Report Images by Kim Wojnowicz, Images by Eric Zhaman

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