Delta Lake NY

Guinness World Record Attempt - September 13, 2014

Campers and Guinness World Record breaker paddlers were Jim & Mickey, Nancy, Mark, Kathy, Michelle, Kim, Janette (friend of Kathy), Mary & Scott, Christine with Edgar & Lucy, Di with family members: Nichole & John, Adrienne & Joe, Ayla, Emma, and 3 more little kids. It was a rainy and cold weekend. The campers woke up to a 36 degree temperature on Saturday, ready to hop right out of those warm covers and sleeping bags to break the record. Right!! There were 17 launch sites and we were split up between 3 sites. Our local weatherman, Dave Eichhorn, who attended the event, promised to keep the rain away until after the picture, but it drizzled on and off. Our launch site was great and the volunteers were very friendly and helpful. It went very smoothly. We hung outside the Guinness area for a little bit, trying to gain a position where we might be able to locate ourselves among the 3000 paddlers in the final photo. We joined the fray by the pontoon boat with volunteers handing out “count” tickets on large red rakes. After that, it was one big sea of paddlers. A man dumped nearby and a few of our group tried to help keep him from being crushed before getting back in his boat. He was surely warmer in the water, but he needed to be in a boat for the count. Around noon the signal came to put our paddles up and the planes circled the area taking pictures. If everyone came who registered, and if they followed directions to hold the boat next to them, then the record will be broken. We will have to wait for the official count. It was certainly fun. We saw all kinds of kayaks and canoes with experienced as well as inexperienced paddlers. I have never seen so many paddlers with backwards upside down paddles trying to move a boat in a straight line. They were brave to be out on the water. After the picture was complete, the wind picked up. We headed back to the launch with waves drenching those without skirts. A couple from our group hadn’t realized how far the float of kayaks had drifted in the wind, and missed the launch site. They made it safely back eventually. What an adventure.

The rest of the festivities of the day were mostly washed out. We had a wonderful lunch under the tents, but bands were unable to play and afternoon activities were cancelled. After lunch we walked around and entered some of the stores for warmth and dryness. We went back to camp for some dry clothes. One found her tent was very wet inside and had to pack up. Apparently a warm, dry bed was preferred. A few of us found a place to play some pool (The Old Barn) while watching the rain blow sideways. The first game lasted quite a while. We appear to be much better paddlers than pool players. We grabbed a bite to eat then went to see a movie. The person who selected that movie is no longer allowed to pick. If you want to see a movie with no excitement, go see “Boyhood”.

Our hope to see the northern lights activated by those solar flares this weekend was also washed out. We did find someone who was up very early by the lake and said he was able to view them. We also found a couple of crazy characters, Mike and Mike, who volunteer around the country to help at these Guinness events. They left their protein bars out on the edge of the picnic table during the night. Yep, they had a visit from the bears. The cub was up the nearby tree throwing down an empty wrapper.

Sunday we woke up to 44 degrees, packed our wet stuff and found a place (The Woods Inn) with breakfast food that was not waterlogged. At least the sun was peeking through the clouds, so there was hope that everything could dry before camping next weekend at Lewey Lake.

Report Images by Kim Wojnowicz, Images by Mark Schreiner

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